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Midwest Nanowrimo
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This is the Nanowrimo community for NaNos in the midwest. Got an event you want to talk about? Hoping to find someone nearby to angst/jubilate over your project with? Here's the place to look!

Group Rules

Rule #1: Introduce yourselves! This is a community, which means we would all like to know who you are.
Rule #2: Participate! Throw your comments out there, answer random mod questions, submit your own question ideas.
Rule #3: When November starts, there will be daily wordcount posts -- posts where you can leave your wordcount of the day. Even if you didn't end up writing, it's okay to comment and say as much. You can comment to the other people who did write. However. If you don't update with a wordcount -- even if it's just to say "I only did 0-500 words" -- for an entire week, and you haven't said anything to anyone besides, you will be considered inactive and I'll have to remove you from the group. Once again: This is a community. Communities require group involvement.
Rule #4: No harrassing the other people in the community. I genuinely doubt this will be a problem, which is why I haven't placed it as the first item on the list. Still, if I witness harassment or if someone says they are being harassed, you get one warning and then you're out.
Rule #5: You are more than welcome to post bits of your stories (be it your novel in November or random snippets of stuff whenever). Please put it behind an LJ cut if you do. At this point, I'm saying all ratings are fair game; if we have anyone under the age of eighteen joining the group, however, I'll have to change this.
Rule #6: Fanfiction is allowed under the restrictions of Rule #5.

Get the code here.

(Think your state counts as 'midwest', but don't see it in the interests? Tell me!)